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e.m.e.e. Australia

e.m.e.e bag black

e.m.e.e bag black

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Each year 180,000 calls are made to Poisons Information Centres in Australia, with about half of these relating to children. Poisoning occurs most often in children under five years of age. It’s particularly common in children aged 1-3 years. Poisons include deodorants, lipsticks, medicines, moisturizers and gels, perfume, hand sanitizers. 

Purpose. We created this stylish and practical bag so those little hands don't get access to all those things that parents keep in their handbags which can potentially harm children (i.e. Medicine, sanitizer, foundation, small deodorant bottle, lip stick, moisturizers etc.).

Product description.  The e.m.e.e bag is designed to be transferable between bags, whatever the occasion, and assist you in having everything a mum may need at easy reach but not accessible by your little loves.

The e.m.e.e bag contains a robust lock that is firmly embedded into the bag to prevent children from getting access to the contents within the bag, yet easy enough for parents to open the bag quickly.

The bag is made from firm material which is easy to clean and it has two internal pockets to enable the contents within the bag to be well organised.

Our vision is to reduce the impact to the environment and to do that we've made the bag from vegan materials, minimized paper and we have created a dust bag from recycled cotton.

The dimensions of the bag are L16cm x H 12cm x D 7cm. 

    Design registration application with IP Australia approved. Application no. 202214687

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    • Please ensure the bag is locked correctly. Please place small items such as bobby pins in the zip pocket located in the bag.
    • Once the combination is changed from 000 to your new number, access to the box is now limited to that number. Without the correct combination, the only way into your box will be to remove the lock.
    • Do not use the bag to store any medications to which immediate access may be required (for example, epinephrine auto-injectors, anti-seizure medications and asthma medications).
    • This bag is not a toy and it is not intended for use by children. The bag is only an aid to safety and is not intended to replace adult supervision nor is it a substitute for following medication child safety advice including:
      • storing medicine out of sight in a locked cupboard at least 1.5m from the ground;
      • buying child-resistant packaging when available and closing caps tightly after use;
      • keeping all medication in its original packaging (especially if child-resistant).
      • Ensure that any person requiring access to the bag is capable of opening it.
    • Don't overfill the bag or use it in any way that may compromise its function.
    • Check the bag regularly and replace it if it is showing signs of wear and tear.


    • Keep small items such as bobby pins and pens in the pockets located in the bag and ensure the pockets are fully zipped.
    • It is possible that a child could pull apart the zip pullers, creating a gap of approximately 2 cm and potentially allowing small items to fall out. Please be mindful of this.



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    L16cm x H 12cm x D 7cm

    Care Instructions

    If dirty, wipe bag (internal or external) with a wet cloth

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